Hi dear all!

We are russian-egyptian couple of photographers. We live and work at one of the most quite and beautiful place of the world – at Sharm-el-Sheikh.

We are happy to offer you to save memories about your amazing holiday at Sharm as beautiful and bright photographs!

So now it’s time to introduce ourselves :-)

This is Mustafa:


He’s an egyptian and works as photographer for more than 8 years. Majority of his customers are an ordinary people, so by experience, he has thousands techniques and cadres  how to emphasize advantages and hide weaknesses of person by photography. With him you will find yourself comfortable: he always say how to stand and hold yourself, where to look.  He also very careful about details.  Actually, he do his best to see that you are happy with your pictures at the end!

And this is Julia:


Julia is russian. She’s also professional photographer since 2009, she like to search for new interesting cadres, and transforming photoshooting in the creative process. She make professional retouch for your photos as well.

If you are interested to make photoshooting at Sharm-el-Sheikh, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Mobile: +2 0106 539 66 55 (Mustafa, arabic, eng.)

                   +2 0101 553 97 95 (Julia, rus., eng.)

E-mail: alex@mccarrara.com

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