Who is Paparazzi?

Nowadays SLR technology open a lot of monkey business which depends on extortion of people and trick them. For example you can spend around 500 or 700$ and buy any amateur DSLR camera and only make all settings auto and call yourself Professional photographer then go to kill people with your horrible inexperienced photos which they could make by their mobile cameras already, so that’s why we call them Monkey photographers or nicer name “PAPARAZZI”.

But how you could recognize This Monkey photographer to get off them? So here we tell you some tips to catch them and to avoid let them tricks you:

.Paparazzi always you will find him walking on the beach in the most of Hotels beaches. Safari Trips and Disko.
*unfortionaly many hotels and nightclubs allow this Monkey system which allow for anyone to pay very big rent “could reach 5000$ sometimes” and send 2 or 3 monkeys carrying cheep SLR Cameras, waking between guest sun beds or by the sea and stole photos of people and children without permission with attacking your privacy by your personal photos and you don’t know when, where or how they could use it?! Sometimes they publish on stand somewhere in the place or follow you everywhere to look at it on the computer and push you to buy it.

. If you found someone call himself a photographer and want to make your photos, ask him to show his work and take care because they always put on their stand or in the album photos for other photographers and they cheat and say that it’s their won work “you will realize that most of photos not in the same hotel or to good photographer’s work before him”. Also you can ask him to give you some photos as test in few seconds and you will see clear if he good photographer or not.

. The clearest thing makes you catch this monkey photographer is his selling Monkey system, ask him how much cost his photo shooting and you will find the most big trick that you could never meet,
He will say that it’s for free and you choose only the photos you like even only 1 or 2 and also the price is around 5$ per photo and if you don’t like anything you free to not take anything and keep for free,
Sure you will accept and thinking why not if it’s so easy like that, but … do you think there is something like that in the world? Never,
Actually after he kills you and himself for 2 or 3 hours and then you go to choose you will find the truth, he will show you the photos which in the most of time disaster and he only one will keep saying “wow” about it.
After,  he will ask you to take all of them “around 300 photo similar” on a disk and only pay 300$!!!,
Sure you will be shocked but he already worked around 2 hours or more and you so shy now to take only 10 photos after all that work,
The story now is not about it’s good photos or not but it’s a work that he has already done and you should pay for it whatever its nice or not,
Now he changed his angle face and you see his angry nervous face which tells you about how long time he spent for you and how he lay on the earth to catch for you this amazing photo!!
He will keep force you with a very extortion way to pay all that money and whatever you try to skip, he will keep offer you posters and stuff extra to embarrass you more until you pay.
I advise you if you meet such monkey, you should be the most cold blooded person in the world and leave him immediately because he doesn’t deserve your kind or shy.

. In Disco you will meet the most dangerous Monkey photographers, why?? Because they do it for free and then they upload it on the Internet for all people and you can’t imagine how you look like drank or silly but you find yourself like forced to have photo for public whatever its nice or not, you can’t change anything and also anyone can use it against you with some work with Photoshop, so don’t go to this Nightclubs that allow this Monkey work because they don’t respect you and they use you for make dirty money.

. Professional photographer always works per hour always give you fixed clear price before he use his camera which sure very expensive “minimum 4000$” and he will never use it to annoy people, he always looking for make your great memories, he respects his talent & experience and never agree to use it to make extortion and tricks for people.

Thanks and wish for you always great image and keep yourself away of this MonkeyEye even it looks like HumanEye.

Note: Professional Cameras mostly from Nikon or Canon, but take care not all DSLR cameras they produce it for professional work,
For example, Nikon makes their models with number of zeros, so if its with 2 zero like D200 OR D300s or so on …so it’s 100% professional Model and its so expensive too,
And they make semiprofessional Cameras with 1 zero like D80 OR D90 OR so on.. And it’s much cheaper,
But if they make model with 3 zero like D3000 OR D5000, D5100 OR so on… So it’s completely Hoppy Camera with very cheap price and it’s never work with professionals.

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  1. alex says:

    To be Honest I should say that I worked 3 months as PAPARAZZI or Monkey photographer, it was first 3 months for me at that work but I left it for 2 years after to avoid doing that which was the system by a Turkish group who start that work in 2005 and it was much more acceptable in that time because of rare personal digital cameras in that time, and when I turned back to work again I started marketing system and forbid this PAPARAZZI system and actually it was a very good system and do much better work than this Monkey system.

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